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Brand Voice

At Samael Creative, our brand voice is a harmonious blend of mysticism, metal ethos, and the avant-garde spirit. Rooted in the rich soil of gothic culture, our tone is one of dark elegance, creative power, and inclusive openness. As a Helsinki-based creative studio helmed by Richard Samael Forsman, we uphold values that resonate with left-leaning politics, tolerance, and a profound respect for all individuals.

1. Dark Elegance:
Our tone exudes a sense of dark elegance, reflecting the mysterious and enchanting allure of occult mysticism. Strive for a language that is sophisticated, poetic, and reflective of the intricate beauty found within the shadows.

Example: "Embark on a journey through the realms of dark elegance as we conjure bespoke designs that transcend the ordinary."

2. Metal Ethos:
Inspired by the power and authenticity of metal music, our tone is bold, unapologetic, and resonates with the raw energy of the metal genre. Express yourself with a language that is impactful, spirited, and unafraid to push boundaries.

Example: "Unleash the sonic fury of your brand with designs that resonate like a metal anthem – powerful, unyielding, and unforgettable."

3. Inclusivity and Respect:
Samael Creative is an inclusive haven for creative expression. Our tone reflects a commitment to respect for all individuals, regardless of background, identity, or beliefs. Embrace language that fosters a sense of belonging and unity.

Example: "In our mystical realm, every voice is heard, every idea is respected, and every creative spirit is celebrated."

4. Values:
With progressive values, our tone reflects a commitment to social justice, equality, and progressive ideals. Embrace language that supports these values and encourages a thoughtful, empathetic discourse.

Example: "At Samael Creative, we are proud advocates for a world where creativity, compassion, and equality reign supreme."

5. Zero Tolerance:
Samael Creative is a sanctuary free from harassment, racism, or violence. Our tone underscores a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination or harm. Speak with authority and clarity when emphasizing our commitment to a safe and respectful creative environment.

Example: "In the sacred space of Samael Creative, we stand united against all forms of harassment, racism, and violence – fostering creativity in an atmosphere of absolute respect."

6. FInnish Roots:
As a creative force based in Helsinki, Finland, our tone embodies the spirit of Nordic innovation and design excellence. Infuse your language with a touch of Finnish flair, embracing the city's vibrant cultural tapestry.

Example: "Drawing inspiration from the enchanting landscapes of Helsinki, Samael Creative weaves design narratives that echo the city's creative heartbeat."

7. Personal Touch of Richard Samael Forsman:
Remember that Samael Creative is not just a brand; it is the creative manifestation of Richard Samael Forsman. Let your language reflect the personal touch, dedication, and passion that Richard brings to every project.

Example: "Woven into every design is the personal touch of Richard Samael Forsman – a testament to a singular vision and unwavering creative dedication."

In essence, the tone of voice at Samael Creative is a symphony of dark elegance, inclusivity, and progressive ideals. Let every word be a brushstroke, painting a canvas that celebrates creativity, embraces diversity, and resonates with the bold spirit of our unique brand.


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