Need fresh & unique art for your next album? Samael Creative is now open for original art commissions with a Pre-Launch discount! Samael Creative is part of Morbid North | Family handling all the creative services and its services will be also part of the new Band Pro membership launching June 10th!
Pre-Launch Offer

Samael Creative is offering a limited amount of album art commissions for -50% of the list price as a Pre-Launch offer.
All commissions are from 333€ and up depending on any extra material required by the client. After the official launch, all the art commissions will be from 666€ and up depending on the project.

Art commissioned during the Pre-Launch will be also starring as Samael Creative key art highlighting the clients in future marketing.

The base price includes:

  • The art in high resolution (8000px x 8000px 300dpi) digital format or in vector format.
  • Original art - No stock art is used
  • Editable social media kit including banners and profile images for Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, Spotify, and Soundcloud
  • Album cover in digital format
  • Realistic album mockup in jewel or digipak case
  • Lifetime license
  • Merch license
  • 3 revisions

The base price does not include, but can be added for extra price:

  • Other media and marketing assets like Google Display banners
  • Print-ready booklet, back cover, or other cd layouts
  • motion graphics
  • More revisions
  • Paid fonts

Terms of art commissions:

  1. Artist owns the full rights to the art and the client gets an open license with limitations to merch specified in the contract.
  2. The client cannot sell the license forward.
  3. Artist has the right to cancel the license if the art is used in a harmful way.
  4. All commissions require a 50% deposit at the start of the project. If the project is canceled after the work has already begun, the artist will keep the deposit.
  5. All assets are provided only after the commission is paid full even if the project is canceled halfway.
  6. Samael Creative does not associate with any hate groups or promote violence. Art can contain gore, nudity, or sex, as long as it follows the previously mentioned restrictions.
  7. Samael Creative does not take any responsibility for possible censorship if the client chooses to use profanity, gore, nudity, or sex in their chosen commission.
  8. Samael Creative holds the right to use all created art for its own promotion.
  9. The client can edit the provided art.