Richard Samael Forsman

aka Samael Creative
Experienced Multimedia Creative Delivering Compelling Graphic Design, Video and Photography


Hello, I'm Richard Forsman, but you can call me Riku. With over a decade of experience in various design positions, I've honed my skills as a multimedia creative, delivering engaging photo, video and animation marketing content for companies of all sizes.

In my previous position, I spearheaded all aspects of video and audio marketing content, from ideation to execution and distribution, resulting in increased engagement rates. I also collaborated with cross-functional teams to integrate print catalogs, digital marketing, and in-store events, driving a boost in overall revenue and brand visibility.

My expertise includes Adobe Creative Suite, DaVinci Resolve, CSP, Figma, and other multimedia software, enabling me to create compelling visual and audio content across multiple platforms. I have also managed multimedia projects for clients ranging from e-commerce businesses to international corporations, ensuring timely delivery and high-quality results.

Browse my recent posts to see my diverse portfolio of photography, graphic design, motion graphics, video, and illustration projects, which showcase my creativity and attention to detail. I've recently been focusing on photography, filling my time after leaving Verkkokauppa.com with event photography work and portraits on top of working with my private animation project.

If you're looking for a versatile multimedia creative with a proven track record, don't hesitate to reach out. Let's discuss how I can help elevate your multimedia content strategy. I'm excited to hear from you and explore potential opportunities.
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Specialized in music, event, product, and portrait photography always with creativity and marketing uses in mind.
gothic vampire photography featured
gothic model dancer video featured
From TV adverting to music videos, social media content and web animations. I can film, edit and animate your next killer project.
Fluent in both digital and print. I can do your whole branding, a new WordPress website, marketing assets, book layout, next album covers or anything else you can think of.
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oni maul illustration featured
My deepest roots are in illustration art. My core strength is in darker-themed art with high details and fine textures. I also love painting portraits and can do comic style art as well. Whether it's your next album cover, merch design, or a portrait. I can do it for you.
Found something cool? Contact me now and let's schedule a meeting to talk more.
[email protected] | +358 45 17 33 585