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If you're reading this you probably tried to search for solutions to get the Sony Imaging Edge app to work with your Sony alpha camera. This is the exact same issue I had and I'm happy to say I found an alternative app that works perfectly with even the currently newest Sony a7R V.
The one I found recommended is Monitor+ and even though I only needed the basic functions included in the free version, I decided to buy the premium version immediately because I also work with video and I have a few projects I already knew I'd be using this for.

I was not paid or encouraged to write this article. This is purely from my own experience which has been extremely positive so far after using Monitor+ for a while now.

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What is Monitor+

Monitor+ is a professional mobile app that can run on your phone to enhance your video production workflow through a series of advanced features that are usually only available on dedicated hardware. As of today, it's clearly made for Sony camera users because there are no other camera brands listed in compatibility.

Turns your phone into a professional camera monitor

Monitor+ is available for free from both Google Play and Apple App Store. If for some reason you need to get the APK directly you can download it from the Monitor+ website.


How it works

It connects to your camera with a wireless or wired connection, taking advantage of the fast-advancing screen of modern mobile phones to achieve a more accurate and usable monitoring experience, plus giving highly integrated remote control capabilities as well as a bunch of assist functions. Personally, I haven't used the wired connection more than for a quick test.

Key Features

Live View

The Live View function has now become a practically usable stage that provides low latency and reliable communication.

Remote Control

Control the properties of your camera in an intuitive and convenient way.

Record and Playback

Record and playback live view directly on Monitor+ with audio recorded simultaneously from your phone.


Monitor+ can now display and change the AF point directly, or trigger focus tracking, just like operating with the camera screen.

Apple Watch Extension

Provides the possibility to trigger recording and monitoring directly on an Apple Watch. (iOS only)

Assist Functions

A series of powerful built-in assist functions are ready for you. False Color, Zebra, Waveform, Histogram, Vectorscope, Guide, Focus Peaking, LUTs…

Real-time Chroma Keying

Previewing the chroma key effect with your camera has never been easier.

Wired Connection

Connect to your camera with a USB cable for better stability and low latency.

Here's a full compatibility and capability list

monitor plus pricing
Monitor+ offers some functions for FREE and the rest are behind a one-time payment which is really fair price for what you get if you ask me.
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