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Let the Monster Loose •

Article originally published in Tuonela Magazine

On October 12th, 2023, Hades himself seemed to open the path to the underworld, and it was a thrilling experience for all who ventured into On the Rocks in Helsinki. The Pimento Dark Fusion Belly Dance event, made its live debut, ushering in a night of enchanting performances that left the audience spellbound. Originally conceived as a live stream event during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Pimento, under the guidance of the talented organizers Anni DohlenMaria Morte, and Satu Eterna, transformed into a live spectacle that exceeded all expectations.

Pimento 2023 at On the Rocks, Helsinki
Launching the event had to be moved forward few minutes because of the long lines of people trying to squeeze in. I'd say the event was extremely successul regarding the ticket sales.

But what exactly is Dark Fusion Belly Dance, you might wonder? It’s an intriguing fusion of traditional belly dance with heavier, gothic, and even pagan-inspired music, often weaving narratives with darker undertones. This unique dance style is a true amalgamation, transcending cultural boundaries and allowing choreographers to express their own interpretations and creativity.

The stellar lineup for Pimento 2023 was initially set to feature 17 performances, both solo and group choreographies. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, one dancer, Caroline, had to cancel her show. The night was expertly hosted by the charismatic Hades, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening of dark fusion artistry.

Hades at Pimento - Dark Fusion bellydance Event
Hades hosted the event guiding the audience during the journey trough the underworld.

The first set kicked off with Satu Eterna, one of the event’s organizers, casting dark and gothic vibes over the audience. Her performance set the tone for the night, followed by an unexpected twist, as Rosemagoria gracefully showed off her skills with a levitation wand, creating a mesmerizing play with light. Aada Pyykkö carried on the light-hearted atmosphere with a joyful and energetic routine.

Maria Siofra took the stage next, donning an outfit reminiscent of Dracula’s brides from the Van Helsing movie, bringing a touch of tradition to the show. The mood shifted dramatically when Sumu Sofia graced the stage with a nightmare-inspired performance that evoked the eerie beauty of Pan’s Labyrinth, her palms casting dark voids.

As the evening progressed, Occult Obscura took the audience deeper into the darkness with an out-of-this-world costume that seemed like it was designed by H.R. Giger himself. Talvikki returned the show to a more traditional belly dancing vibe, showcasing her talent and grace. The first half came to a close with the Hallanmaa group choreography, a testament to the dedication and skill of Anni Dohlen’s students, and an ode to the event’s organizers.

Occult Obscura at Pimento - Dark Fusion bellydance Event
Out of this world costume from Occult Odscura

The second set was a whirlwind of mysticism and high-energy performances. Anni Dohlen mesmerized the audience with a dark and mystical show featuring two incense lanterns. The dance duo Nemoria Parvi followed with an explosive display of energy, a performance so fast-paced that even the camera struggled to keep up.

Maria Morte, another of the event’s organizers, graced the stage next, captivating the audience with her unique style. Myrna, students of Satu Eterna from Tampere, added their own charm to the night’s repertoire. Tiitta infused the atmosphere with infectious energy, delighting the crowd.

Myrna at Pimento - Dark Fusion bellydance Event
There was two big student group choreos performing. One from Anni Dohlen's students called Hallanmaa and one from Satu Eterna called Myrna (in picture).

Azul Anaesthesia’s performance was a burst of aggression and intensity from start to finish, leaving a lasting impression. Finally, Pepper Sparkles closed the solo performances with a fiery show, demonstrating remarkable control and creativity by playing with “indoor safe fire.”

The night reached its grand crescendo with a group choreography featuring the event’s three talented organizers, Anni DohlenMaria Morte, and Satu Eterna, collectively known as Kaven. Their performance was a fitting conclusion to a night filled with enigmatic fusion and mesmerizing talent.

Pimento 2023 was a journey into the depths of dark fusion artistry. Each performer brought their unique style and creativity, weaving tales of darkness and light through their movements. It was a night showcasing the boundless creativity within the Dark Fusion Belly Dance community. Let the monsters within, the inner selves of the performers, be unveiled through this captivating and unforgettable experience.

Pimento 2023 at On the Rocks, Helsinki
Overall an amazing evening and I can't wait to be part of what is waiting for us next year.

CHeck out all the photo galleries from the event HERE.

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