Club Infektio VOL50

Let the Monster Loose •

It feels amazing how long these parties have continued already. I got into this scene trough the other club events like Syn/\psi and Graveyeard Party way before the Club Infektio saw it's first event at the Club Dark Side, a little back alley bar that could barely fit all the people coming to party. Trough these years I've attended almost every Club Infektio there has been with a few exceptions while I was living all the way up at Kuopio.

Club Infektio VOL50 - facebook page cover
Club Infektio VOL50 - facebook page cover

This time we got another veteran coming back to the stage, DJ Ohmi who has been playing 20 years already and was playing at one of the earliest Club Infektio events. Event page

Club Infektio VOL50 - Photo Gallery

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