Hallanmaa - Tribal Fusion Bellydance

The video is 5 minutes long. I hope you enjoy the show!

Last December I shot this dance choreography for Anni Dohlen and her fusion dance group Hallanmaa. I shot the dance from multiple angles, but because the video was going to be part of Ascension 2022 - Virtual Dark Fusion Dance Festival we decided it was best to have just one angle to show the whole choreography in the best way possible. There's time to shoot more artistic dance videos later.

Immediately when arriving at the location I was slightly worried if the studio where we were going to shoot was big enough because the Hallanmaa group had so many dancers, but we made it work by using a wide-angle lens and dragging the camera as much back as possible. Because the studio had those nice black curtains I was able to cover the back wall enough to give us slightly more space and by rendering the video in a wide format I was able to cut the very low ceiling. Sometimes you just need to make it do what you have 🙂
After shooting the video Anni asked me to shoot some stills on top of the long video shoot, so with the time, we had left I quickly shot a group shot and individual portraits of the whole group. I only had my video lights with me which required them to be much closer to the group, but it was fairly easy to remove them from the photo. I'm a grad I also had my Godox tube lights with me adding some extra spice to both the video and the photos.

Anni Dohlen


Eluveitie - A Rose for Epona

Video Production:
Samael Creative / Riku Forsman

Special thanks to Ossi Ahola for assisting.

If you're interested in learning Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing I recommend following Anni's page on Facebook or Instagram to keep yourself updated when she has new classes open. Her studio is located in Helsinki, Finland and she has classes for both beginners and more experienced dancers.

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