Graphics | Club Infektio 25.8.2023

Let the Monster Loose •

This time I got to create whole new graphics for the next Club Infektio event again. As I've been eyeing acid graphics inspiration for a while now, I decided to try if the Club Infektio crew would be down for it and DJ emanon happily approved my concept idea. As I've been photographing multiple events, I already had tons of photos to use as an illustration. Just mixed two photos that fitted well together.

I really dig this style personally and I've been planning to evolve Samael Creative graphic style into something similar as well. Hopefully, you also like it and I wouldn't mind doing more stuff like this!

Club Infektio 2023-08 - Graphics

Here is a link to the event:

See you on the dance floor!

Need a graphic designer?

Hit me up if you have any graphics need big or small. Samael Creative is specialized in the music and event industry with darker tones and attitude.

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