Book layout: Laboratorion Välinehuolto

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This was done as commission work when I was studying at TREDU. My studies weren't much more than waiting for an opportunity to do exams. Otherwise, I just did freelance work as much as I could because I went to study for my degree after I already had years of experience in graphic design. I even end up giving a couple of lessons. One for Photoshop because I had done Photoshop Certification just before my school started and one for printing techniques because I had experience from working in digital printing and screen printing.

Laboratorion Välinehuolto was the first book from Byretti Kustannus, so they had a hard budget for this project. That meant that I had to squeeze the layout a bit tighter than I would like, but I guess this is the case with all educational books. Before this, I had only done one book layout, but it was just a novel with only a couple of illustrations, so it was nothing compared to this project.
This book had multiple illustrations and photos on almost every page from cover to cover. That means I had a lot of manual work, but I really liked to do something like this. It's kinda cool to make school books because those are something I know to be read when short novels may not be as successful at all.


Fairly tight layout, but when you work on a tight page budget you just need to make it work.


I can't remember the precise amount these were printed, but I do know they had at least one additional re-print. Feels really good when a book I've been part of making sells out. Wouldn't actually mind working on another book project one day, but as my work is more and more going toward motion graphics and animation, I doubt I will be making too many book projects anymore. But hey if you happen to have a project in your mind, let me know and let's discuss if it's something I'd be suitable to work on.

Laboratorion Välinehuolto kirja - myyntitiskillä

The book is still available and you can find it from most Finnish book stores like Adlibris, but it's not printed anymore so order your while there is still some left.

Book meta info
Name: Laboratorion välinehuolto
Written by: Tarja Friman & Ville Kivisalmi
Book layout: Riku Forsman
Language: Suomi
Published: 2015
Page amount: 430
Size: 150 mm x 250 mm x 30 mm
Colors: 4/4
Covers: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-952-93-5855-7
Printed by: Saarijärven Offset Oy

Publisher: Byrettikustannus, Oskelantie 1 A 2, FI00320 HELSINKI, Finland
ALV-numero: FI25277292
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