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Hiuspuoti Alkemisti wanted a simple website with a dark theme, but otherwise, I got freehands with this project.

My tool of creation is Oxygen Builder and the chosen CMS is WordPress. I've already grown used to building sites with this combo and because my main focus isn't really building sites, but rather creating content for them I doubt I'll be changing my tool in the recent future.

Alkemisti website screecapture
Frontpage has a very simple and direct wireframe. Hero, about, instafeed for specific hashtags, Google reviews, and a little picture of the shop itself.

Because hair salons may have a lot of different services in multiple categories I wanted to build a service menu that will be easy and fast to use. For this I made a categories menu working with haslinks to each category. Together with back to top button, it's really fast to go up and down to check each category.

This is a very simple and easy way to make a really long menu mobile-friendly.

The site also includes two ways to contact Alkemisti. The first and the most traditional one is the contact form for which I used Fluent Forms. It's one of the lightest form plugins available and it's fully editable in Oxygen Builder with OxyExtras add-on that I use anyway for other great features.

The second way to contact is the live chat that can be found from the bottom right corner. For this, I used which is a free chat that can be embedded into any site easily.

Obviously, there's also email, but the phone number was left out for a reason. because Alkemisti has only one hairstylist, it would be hard to serve customers while the phone is ringing. It's much better to have ways to contact that don't disrupt the customer experience.

All professionals have a specialty that they can write about and share their knowledge. It's also a great tool for SEO ranking and a completely free long-term tool to attract new customers.

WordPress is a blog platform originally and when you can write great content, it would be a waste not to add a blog to the site.

Another page that was obvious was "about" page. I tried to make it look glassy and in-brand by not adding too much stuff there.

And lastly, there's the booking page. This is from Timma Pro and all the CSS customization was done on the Timma site and then embedded into an iframe to

This was a fun project overall as I did also the branding, ads, and tons of photography for her. Go check it out and reserve a time for an amazing new hair look!
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