Tuonetar | Kalevala themed horror photoshoot

Let the Monster Loose •
Model - Sister Obscure

Tuonetar, the wife of Tuoni is recognized as the Virgin of Death and the goodness of the subterranean world in Kalevala. I've always dreamed of specializing in horror photography and I guess this is my first try. I've never been into the slasher horror genre, but I love psychological horror and all things unnatural and occult.

This simple set was shot with Sony a7SIII which has really good lowlight capabilities and believe it or not, but the only light source was this little Falcon Eyes pocket light Sister Obscure is holding in her hands below the Monkeypod Lensball.

Tuonetar | Kalevala
Sister Obscure had tons of cool jewelry giving the right type of goddess vibe for this photoshoot.
Tuonetar | Kalevala
Sister Obscure has done tons of amazing make-up art, but for this set, I had this very specific idea which she executed perfectly.
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