The Grandfathers Bridge | Nighly Walk at Kalasatama

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Isoisänsilta / Grandfathers Bridge - Kalasatama
Isoisänsilta / Grandfathers Bridge - Kalasatama

All cities turn ten times more interesting during the night. I really love all the small lights everywhere and that's why I'd like to live even closer to the city center.

During the night there aren't people bothering me at all. At first, I was a bit scared to go shooting alone at night with expensive gear, but so far there hasn't been a single person bothering to even say anything to me unlike during the day when it seems hard to avoid people even 5 minutes.

Sometimes it feels like every possible photo is already taken from Helsinki because there are tons of photographers here and Helsinki is still a fairly small city compared to other capitals in the world.
But even if I happen to shoot something similar to what others have already shot, it's relaxing to just go out there and walk around. Exploring the city and going places where I wouldn't go otherwise.
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