Spirit From The Ashes | Inspired by Netflix show Katla

Let the Monster Loose •
Spirit From The Ashes
Model - Sister Obscure

I watched the Netflix show Katla and I got visually inspired by the people waking up inside the volcano covered with mud and ash. We were a bit worried if people would assume something wrong about this set, but the only way forward is to be brave and dare to try things out. Personally, I love how these turned out, but these were shot with Sony a7SIII, so the images are just way too small to get any good prints out of these and I seriously want some prints from these.

The Spirit From The Ashes
I love the gold lipstick and eyelashes. I with the necklace had the same color. I tried to change the color to match, but it just didn't look that good.
Spirit From The Ashes
That magical contrast on her eyes.
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