Ropecon 2022

Let the Monster Loose •

This year was my first time in Ropecon. I have a lot of friends who visit there every year, but even though I admit to being really geeky, I'm just a bit different type of geeky. Larping is something I've never been into, but the board games did intrigue me a bit. If I wasn't there in a hurry, I'd have loved to visit longer and play a few games.

When I arrived I didn't really have a clue how to navigate the whole event. There was a map on the site, but it was just so confusing that I wasn't able to use it much. But at least I was able to find the tables where my two hobbies were represented. One was Espoon Historiallinen Miekkailuseura - EHMS where I've done some longsword fencing and the other one was 501st Legion - Finnish Garrison where I do some troops in costume to collect charity donations.
After meeting up with all the friends I had there I went back home to sleep because I had an early wake-up.

Ropecon 2022 - Photo Gallery

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