Priest at Tavastia Klubi 31.10.2023

Let the Monster Loose •

Original article written for Tuonela Magazine

This was already my 3rd time shooting a PRIEST show inside 12 month period. Not too long ago, I saw PRIEST playing at Hellsinki Metal Festival, but damn, their show keeps being amazing every time I see them. I really love how each member of the band conquers every inch of the stage whenever they get a chance. At least for me, synthwave isn’t music to sit and listen to, but to be danced to and I loved how many people in the audience felt the same way. I was lucky to be up on the balcony when Mercury came down in the middle of the audience giving his blessings because I was able to get a few nice shots from above. Big thanks to the lighting tech again for giving some extra light, so the people could get a chance to snap a few selfies with him as well. Check out the photos below.

Priest - Photo Gallery

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