The Witch Doctor | Going Black & White

The Witch Doctor
Model - Sister Obscure

When we shot The Witch Doctor set, I also wanted to try out some black and white photos. I've always loved these high-contrast monochromatic shots that fade into the blackness. Like with the colored versions, the only light source was the little Falcon Eyes pocket light under the bottle. The skull bottle filled with water spread the light evenly and worked almost like a diffuser.

I think this is just one great example of how you can use some of the cheapest photography gear creatively to do something unique.

The Witch Doctor
I really love this trick of using the pocked light under the bottle.
The Witch Doctor
With this one, I wanted to try out a similar look to the old 80's metal grunge photos. Felt kinda weird to "destroy" the image quality for the look.
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