Neonya!! Party Hard Sound Halloween 2

This is my third time shooting at Neonya Party. As all of the parties I have shot have been at Tiivistämö, the place is really familiar to me already and it's getting a lot easier to know where to shoot which type of shots now. Most of the time I have my little nest on the side of the stage where I can be unseen and the corner even has a seat, so I can relax a while and go thourgh what I've been able to capture.

This event had one big bucket list artist for me and that was Proteus. My first electronic music event was Graveyard Party Vol III in 2008 and there was Proteus and Turmion Kätilöt, both who Iäve seen tens of times already, but never had a chance to shoot photos from. Now I've tackled Proteus and I still have Turmion Kätilöt left (hint hint...)
Even more special was that this was one of the last gig Proteus is doing before retiring from his DJ career.

Originally there was also supposed to play the Speed Freak, but when he had to cancel, Neonya arranged Japanese DJ Tanukichi who was playing at Praha the even before Neonya if I remember hearing correctly.

Neonya!! Party Hard Sound Halloween 2 - Photo Gallery

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