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Lintsin Valokarnevaali with Vera

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I have missed the Lintsin Valokarnevaali event every year, but this time I had it on my calendar immediately after I knew the date and a week before the event Vera was looking for a photographer to shoot with her new outfit.

Vera got excited about the idea of shooting at the Valokarnevaalit and we agreed on the date. Even though the event is literally called a "light carnival" it's really dark everywhere. But I saw another photographer sharing this info on one of the many photographing Facebook groups and I packed my little flash and a couple of Godox TL60 RGB lights with me. Definitely worth carrying them with me.
Most of the carnival lights worked as a background only, but there were a few places where they lit a bit more.

The biggest challenge was the number of people there. Because the event was only for a week, the whole place was really tightly packed for almost the whole park area.
I hope this event would last maybe 3 weeks in the future to make it a bit more enjoyable for so many photographers and for the other park visitors as well.

Lintsin Valokarnevaali - Photo Gallery

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