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Cyberpunk Photoshoot with Alex

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Rainy autumn gives the perfect dystopian vibe for a cyberpunk photoshoot because it's wet and all the city lights will reflect better from wet surfaces.

The challenge for this shoot was that Alex didn't want his face to show in any of the photos. On those which do show his face, I tried to add some sort of cyberpunk-style anonymity, but most of the photos didn't really require any of it. I was originally planning to shoot most of the on the Hard Rock Cafe - Helsinki entrance, but they happen to have some sort of party that night and the entrance was full of balloons blocking their cool windows. Instead, I shot mostly on the Aleksanterinkatu because it has this brick road giving some nice texture to the ground. Not really futuristic I know, but it's a street I've wanted to shoot for a while already, so while we were already there... why not right?

Cyberpunk Photoshoot with Alex - Photo Gallery

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