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Time wrap up the journey through the underworld of Pimento 2023. I hope I see you all of you next year especially those who couldn't join us this time!

👻 Sumu Sofia
👻 Talvikki
👻 Tiitta

Full galleries on my site. Link in bio!


It has been quite an eventful end of the year and still continue to be so, but I'm catching up with all this slowly. Still tons of stuff to show you!
TFP shoots are pretty much booked for the rest of the year, but I'll let you know if I get an opening for them. Otherwise I'll need to catch my breath while wrapping things up and get back to shooting TFP in January.


This week I still have two events coming up. Tonight Apocalyptica and Fear of Domination later on saturday. See you guys hopefully there!
Reaching near bottom of this journey trough the underworld of Pimento 2023.
Next we have some light magic and a hunt for lost souls.

👻 Rosemagoria
👻 Satu Eterna

Check out the full galleries from my site. Link in bio!

#photographer #photography #eventphotography #darkfusion #tribalfusion #bellydance #pimento2023 #pimento #rosemagoria #satueterna
Delving deeper into the underworld of Pimento 2023.
The next 3 shows offerent adrenaline pumped action, monstrous outfit and some playful fires.

👻👻 Nemoria Parvi
👻 Occult Obscura
👻 Pepper Sparkles

Full galleries now live on my site. Link in the bio!

#photographer #photography #darkfusion #tribalfusion #bellydance #nemoriaparvi #occultobscura #peppersparkles #pimento #pimento2023
Let's continue again with our journey trough the underworld of Pimento 2023.
In this set we have two Marias... There's a Finnish joke I could add to this, but let's be adults for a moment 🤓
And as a third a group so big that I had troubles finding a good shot with all of them in it.

👻 Maria Morte
👻 Maria Siofra
👻👻👻 Myrna

Ps. Full Pimento 2023 gallery on my site. Link in my bio!

#photographer #photography #darkfusion #darkfusiondancer #tribalfusion #bellydance #pimento #pimento2023 #ontherocks #mariamorte #mariasiofra #myrna
Let's continue our journey trough the underworld!

All Pimento photo galleries from each performance are now uploaded to my site. Go check them out, link in the bio!
I also added a fancy new search function to make it easier to find what you're looking for as the photo archive keeps growing in increasing pace.

Continuing these posts alphabetically:
👻 Hades, the host himself who guided our journey.
👻👻👻 Hallanmaa
👻👻👻 Kaven

#photographer #photography #eventphotography #darkfusion #tribalfusion #bellydance #pimento #pimento2023 #ontherocks
Ever wanted to visit the underworld? 💀
At Pimento 2023 we got to take a peek what's waiting for us after passing. 💀

Here's the first performers in alphabetical order:
👻 Aada Pyykkö
👻 Anni Dohlen
👻 Azul Anaesthesia

Don't forget to read the article I wrote for the @tuonelamagazine

Been too busy to make any posts, but now the chaotic rush is finally over and I can get back to finishing the tfp shoots that I've had to leave hanging. Prepare your buttocks because a lot of posts incoming 🔥🔥🔥

...and yes I'm finally adding full galleries to my site! I know a few of you have been asking for them a while already 🫠

#photographer #photography #bellydance #pimento #ontherocks
#darkfusion #eventphotography
Big thanks to @djnoizu gathering all the artist still hanging around the premises after the shows were over at Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2023🤘

And the rest who's IG tags I'm missing. Thanks for the great weekend! 🙏
An evening full of fantastic dance shows down under at the PIMENTO – Dark Fusion Belly Dance Show 
Big thanks to all the amazing dancers, captivating host, friendly audience and especially to the @darkfusionfinland crew for inviting me.

Tons of photos coming soon!
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