Neonya!! Party - Dj Noriken, nanobii + friends!

Let the Monster Loose •

Once again I was invited to shoot photos at Neonya!! Party at Tiivistämö, Helsinki. I really like this venue overall. Cool lighting makes it always such fun to shoot photos.

This time they had Dj Noriken all the way from Japan and nanobii from our neighbor Sweden to attract the audience. I have no idea how many tickets were sold, but damn it felt like the event was sold out again. Especially during the Dj Noriken set it began getting hard to move around the venue and shoot from different locations.

Overall I'm really happy with the photos I got this time. This was my second time shooting with the brand new Sony a7RV and damn I really love its new autofocus. With a7RIV I used to just rock it with the manual focus because I could focus much faster that way. Now I can just focus on framing and timing my shots better instead of getting the perfect focus.

Neonya!! Party - Photo Gallery

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