Nachtmahr at Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2023

Let the Monster Loose •

Original article written for Tuonela Magazine

The spooky season means one thing in the heavy music scene: Hellsinki Industrial Festival is back. This annual event brings together industrial music enthusiasts for a cutting-edge lineup featuring avant-garde acts and genre pioneers. This year’s festival was held on November 3rd and 4th, 2023, at Äaniwalli, with a pre-club on November 2nd, 2023.

Next in line, NACHTMAHR, a fan favorite, took the stage with stage dancers, or as Thomas Rainer translated from local band KINGSATAN“tytöt univormuissa” [“girls in uniform”]. The show featured light BDSM play, water guns, and marching drums.

During this show I decided move away from the front quite early because there was a person filming an entire gig with their phones and it was hard to get any good photos without the phone or hands contantly getting on my way. I've never been in the front row more than max 3 first songs because I like to move around and let the others enjoy the show with out me (a fairly big guy) being in front of them. Wouldn't mind if I got to take those few shots and leave immediately when I'm done because it's usually the only place where I can get a decent shot from the artists like a drummer being on back of the stage. But in any case I hope you enjoy the shots I was able to capture. Because the show included quite a lot of stuff happening on the stage I at least tried to capture everything, but most of my photos are taken above the audience all the way from the back. No need for a gym after events like these.

Nachtmahr - Photo Gallery

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