Kate Von Mellanmjölk - Musiikkitalo

Let the Monster Loose •

The original plan we had with Kate didn't work out because we were planning something for the autumn season, but she had this idea for a bit more cyberpunk type of look, and I thought we should go to the Helsinki Musiikkitalo. I was previously there shooting 501st Legion Star Wars characters and found this amazing futuristic-looking hallway to the parking garage.

To add a bit more cyberpunk look to these photos I used multiple little RGB LED lights. The hallway had a few of these decoration lights of its own, but they were way too weak to really give any punch, so I also used my own RGB lights behind the decorative wall to add more punch to the light glows.

This was experimenting more than a fully planned shoot, but I'm happy with the results. I did shoot a bunch more against this concrete wall as well, but they gave a really weird texture to the background. I might fully edit them eventually at some point, but they really require tons of work to look good.

Kate Von Mellanmjölk at Musiikkitalo - Photo Gallery

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