Ivan King at HIF Pre-Club 2023

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Original article written for Tuonela Magazine

The Hellsinki Industrial Festival traditionally starts with a pre-club that offers free entry for the people who bought the 2-day ticket to the festival. This year, the pre-club was moved to On the Rocks in Helsinki on November 2nd, 2023.

The third and final act of the Hellsinki Industrial Festival Pre-Club evening was IVAN KING from Italy. I was surprised to see him play at the pre-club instead of the main event, and it seems I wasn’t the only one as a few mentioned IVAN KING being their favorite artist of this years Hellsinki Industrial Festival.
Multiple people mentioned knowing him from his mask crafting while I knew him as an artist of both arts, I wasn't able to connect these to until the evening before the show. Unfortunately, the mask he wore during the first song really muffled his voice, so he took it off for the rest of the show. I’m glad I got a few good shots of him early on because he looked really cool with the mask on.
I was really glad we also got a chance to talk a little bit multiple times during the Hellsinki Industrial Festival as I found him quite a nice guy. Usually I'm not really talkative unless I'm being talked to first. Maybe something I should try to get better at in the future because this year I talked a lot with so many new people. I hope we get to see IVAN KING back in Finland soon! Check the photo gallery below.

Ivan King - Photo Gallery

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