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Ilmatar - Kalevala
Ilmatar - Kalevala | Model - Tiia Määttänen

Tiia wanted to get some Kalevala-themed maternity photos while she was during her last weeks of the pregnancy. She scouted us a great photoshoot location from Fiskars which is a place I know really well because I used to live at Raseborg during my childhood.

The photoshoot had only one problem and that was the continuous rains that lasted weeks, but because Tiias baby wasn't going to wait for good weather we locked the date and hoped for the best.
Unfortunately, the weather didn't give us any positive surprises. Instead, it was sunny just before we started and the rain started pouring right after we began shooting. This photo was shot right before the heavy rainfall that lasted 10-15 minutes.

Ilmatar - Kalevala
This photo demonstrates well how shallow the water really was.

After this, we also shot some shots of her laying in the water, but because she started shivering I was worried about her catching a cold and I didn't take more than few shots and then packed the stuff so she could get somewhere warm.

Ilmatar - Kalevala
This was the "hero" shot we were going for, but because there were trees above us, the water dripping from the leaves made it hard for her to keep her eyes open in this position.
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