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PORTRAIT: Paul-Erik Forsman

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Paul-Erik Forsman
Paul-Erik Forsman 1939 - 2015

This is one of my personal works and an incredibly personal one. He was my grandfather, but he was more like a father to me. When I heard of his passing I wanted to find all photos I had of him, but neither I or none of the other relatives actually had any good photos of him. One of the only ones I could find was just a random snap I had taken with my old DSLR, so I decided to paint him using that as a reference.

This is easily my hardest project because even though his passing was expected I was completely broken for weeks. We also end up using this at his funeral due to the lack of any good photos.

He was a highly respected man and he was well known for his handball career. Still miss him, but I'm sure he found his peace at the end.

Richard Samael Forsman
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