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Club Infektio | Party Like It's 2055

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INFEKTIO has been spreading through the Helsinki club scene since early 2011. The purpose of this fast-spreading dark virus is to provide clubbers an effective, danceable mix of industrial, EBM, rhythmic noise, futurepop, and other dark electronic genres. INFEKTIO DNA has been genetically altered to accept new information, as in a place for newer bands to play live. INFEKTIO ”laboratory” is fully equipped with efficient sound- and lighting systems for a pleasant club experience.

Dark dystopian illustrations

I've been a loyal visitor to Club Infektio since the beginning and I've been friends with the whole crew longer than I can remember. That hasn't made working together any easier than with anyone else. Instead, as I know the whole crew is also filled with very creative and inspiring people they can be even more demanding than most of my clients.

Even though making illustrations for a club event with a very precise style might be sometimes hard, I've really enjoyed working with these dark cyberpunk-styled illustrations a lot. It's really close to my personal art style so it really lets me do my own thing without too many compromises.

Club Infektio Octo Illustration
Club Infektio OctoDoc Illustration I created by photo bashing and painting on top. After I had the composition I wanted I added extra textures and color effects by balancing everything together.
Club Infektio Flyer Design
Club Infektio Dystopian Flyer Design. This is even still in use years later in my knowledge. These had separate photos of the models that were taken by one of the Club Infektio DJs. The background was photo bashed from 6 different cityscapes and then I rearranged them to fit better, painted some extra buildings, added lights, traffics, and some signs. Finalized by adding extra textures and color effects. The original file for this was 10K pixels wide because I love adding tiny easter eggs into my works whenever I can.
Club Infektio Facebook Cover
Another edit of the Dystopian design without the models. Changed the colors slightly and added some geometric textures to the sides I created by using the warp tool on to a basic grid created in photoshop.
Richard Samael Forsman
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