Horror Photoshoot with Satu

Let the Monster Loose •

This is my first time testing out my new home studio. I really do not have much space for shoots, but enough for a single model of most product photography.

We wanted to do more horror-themed content for the upcoming spooky season. This time the plan was to do a bit more photomanipulation than I normally do because we wanted Satu to look like a creepy witch straight out of Japanese horror movies. Because we didn't really have any time restriction and and shooting with a friend on Friday nights can't easily take another turn. This shoot took way longer as we tested out a bunch of other ideas as well. Not just the bloody witch, but I wanted to try out a few shots with my RGB lights through the wet glass and eventually we end up shooting hundreds of frames.

Satu came with a half-a-liter bottle of animal blood with her and we listened to some black metal while I painted her skin white and poured the blood on her. I'd say that was a fairly interesting Friday night shoot with a friend and wouldn't mind doing more shoots like that.

Horror Photoshoot with Satu - Photo Gallery

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