Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2021 | Miseria Ultima - Gig Photos

Let the Monster Loose •

Miseria Ultima opened the first day of the main event of Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2021. Unfortunately, I was a bit late from their gig due to the COVID-19 pass/ticket issues at the door. Even with a huge amount of information about the requirement of the COVID-19 passes, there were still tons of people missing those and then my name was missing from the list, so they needed to run and find the organizer to check me in.
So slight issues at first, but at least I got to shoot during the last two songs. I was hoping to get some cool shots, but the lights were just so dark. The good thing though was that DJ Emanon from Club Infektio crew asked me to take the group shot with the audience on the back, so I got at least that.

Miseria Ultima is another very familiar band for me from our band merchandise partnership through Morbid North and I was happy to finally see them perform live and get to take at least some gig photography for them. I'm sure there will be another chance to get something more wicked stuff in the future!

HIF 2021 | Miseria Ultima Band Photo Gallery

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