Gig report: 19.5.2023 Hocico + King Satan at 6.Linja

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This article was originally written for Tuonela Magazine

hocico and king satan at kuudes linja helsinki

Hocico Hyperviolent European Tour 2023 finally reached Helsinki and gathered a full audience at Kuudes Linja. This Mexican hard electro duo visited Helsinki for the first time already back in 2002 and the last time was only a year and a half ago at Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2021 when our local Dj E-110 aka Heikki Ritola covered Rasco Agroyam who couldn't join that year.
Hocico is a quite familiar name worldwide in industrial music and also locally in Finland as they have visited Finland quite a few times already.

King Satan at Kuudes Linja, Helsinki
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King Satan

Before the Hocico duo took the stage we got to see a more local band King Satan visiting from Tampere. The last time I saw them play was at Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2022 where they packed the room completely full and got the audience so wild that I had to abort my photography and squeeze behind the audience. King Satan has raised heads quite fast lately as they also played in the Tuska festival 2022 where I was unable to see them as they played on the Tiivistämö stage which was already fully packed way before the band began playing and the line was still tens of meters long.
So it wasn't a surprise Kuudes Linja was already packed for the warm-up band even with such an early playtime. King Satan didn't hold anything back as they fired up the show and got the audience to sing with them almost immediately.
The show didn't go without troubles though as there seemed to be some issues with the stage audio which also bothered later the headliner Hocico.

Hocico at Kuudes Linja, Helsinki
Check out the Hocico photo gallery HERE


Hocico offered a nice and balanced set of both old and new songs this evening. The gig started in almost pure darkness with some red backlight fitting for their aggressive stage look and it got slightly more lit by the end of the show.
Vocalist Erk Aicrag didn't spare any room on the stage by using the whole space available interacting with the audience and dancing all around.

Hocico at Kuudes Linja, Helsinki

Personally, I've seen both groups multiple times already, so I knew what to expect and the show gave me exactly what I wanted to see there. Pure energy from the very beginning to the end.

LINK to the Facebook event page.
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