Cyberpunk Photoshoot With Juha

Let the Monster Loose •

Juha knew about this cool looking train stop at Leinelä with these green glass walled waiting seats.
One thing I learned about shooting at dark train stops is that I really can't pack too much stuff with me because while we were shooting, it didn't take long until there was someone looking at my camera bag with a way too interesting look on his face. Because trains were coming and going on both sides of us, it would have been really easy for him to grab my bags and run when the train doors beeped the closing signal. But nothing was stolen so we decided to take a little break to wait until that guy went away.

Otherwise, the shoot went great. I really loved Juhas long cybergoth style jacket and because he really likes this gree-black color theme, it was great to find such a perfect spot for the shoot. I also brought a couple of Godox TL60 RGB lights with me to add some extra vibe to the photos and tried out a couple of photos with a prism glass.

Cyberpunk Photoshoot with Juha - Photo Gallery

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