Club Infektio - DJ Emanon's Birthday Bash

Let the Monster Loose •

Club Infektio, the iconic haven for industrial/ebm goth enthusiasts in Helsinki, celebrated its founding DJ's 40th anniversary in style. As a loyal follower of this remarkable alternative music club, I couldn't miss DJ Emanon's Birthday Bash, a night filled with pulsating beats and unforgettable moments.

Club Infektio
DJ emanon playing for the full dance floor

A Decade of Darkness and Devotion

When Club Infektio first emerged onto the scene over 12 years ago, I had just crossed paths with the talented individuals who would go on to curate some of the most legendary events in Helsinki. DJ Emanon, the man of the hour, was a mere 28-year-old back then, and little did we know how this night would unfold. DJ Emanon was ready to face the music once again.

Armor vs. Fate

Despite his protective armour, DJ Emanon's evening took an unexpected twist when he broke his arm during the party. Perhaps full-body armour is the solution for his future gigs? Only time will tell.

A Night of Enchanting Sounds

The night kicked off with the mesmerizing beats of DJ Minzeru, one of the "house DJs" who has graced every Club Infektio event since the first time she got to the stage. Her dedication to the club's unique atmosphere was evident in every note she played.

Club Infektio
DJ Minzeru

DJ Hexexen, a VJ-turned-DJ, took the stage next. His captivating performances and an impressive array of masks and accessories made his set a visual spectacle to remember. Make sure to add his next show at Neonya! Party: Hard Sound Halloween 3 to your calendars. I'll be there again as well!

Club Infektio
DJ Hexexen

The Birthday Boy Shines

Then, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived. DJ Emanon took centre stage, radiating sheer happiness throughout his set. His infectious energy spread like wildfire, drawing not only cheers from the crowd but also the support of fellow DJs and the deco artist who joined him on stage as mesmerizing stage dancers.

Club Infektio
DJ emanon

Keeping the Party Alive

Following DJ Emanon, DJ NoiZu stepped up to keep the dance floor alive. Despite a portion of the crowd leaving after the birthday boy's performance, NoiZu's magnetic tunes kept the party spirit alive. This time, I was fortunate enough to witness his full set, as the previous event after the Ashbury Heights show stretched to be longer than expected and had left me yearning for more.

Club Infektio
DJ NoiZu

A Grand Finale

The night's grand finale featured the only guest performer of the evening, DJ Mekha. With relentless energy, he kept the crowd moving, even as security guards began urging attendees to leave the venue. The dance floor remained packed, but with my tired eyes I couldn't stay till the very last note, and I bid adieu to an unforgettable night.

Club Infektio
DJ Mekha

In Closing

As I reflect on the evening, I can't help but hope that DJ Emanon had a truly remarkable birthday, despite the unexpected mishap. I wish him 40 more years of music, joy, and, hopefully, fewer accidents along the way. Yet another Club Infektio was a testament to the enduring spirit of Helsinki's alternative music scene, and I can't wait for what the future holds for this iconic club. Until next time, let the monster loose!

Club Infektio
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