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At one point my boss said he hated our current business cards because they looked like clothing store price tags and sells pretty much everything except clothing.

verkkokauppacom käyntikortit preview 2

My colleague had just designed some new wall tapestry for the Helsinki store with this new black background and I really liked it, so I took some inspiration for these new business cards. On the wall tapestry there is this big V printed in dark grey.

verkkokauppacom businesscard front 1536x1536
Overall the layout of the card didn't really change.
verkkokauppacom businesscard back 1536x1536
At the time I did a lot to push more use for this V-logo version instead of the full logo.

My idea was to do something similar, but instead of grey color, I wanted to use the spot gloss technique.

verkkokauppacom businesscard
Really love this spot gloss effect
verkkokauppacom käyntikortit preview 3
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