Apocalyptica at St. John's Church

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Original article written for Tuonela Magazine

The atmosphere was nothing short of magical as I made my way from the railway station to the enchanting St. John’s Church on November 23rd, 2023, adorned with the warm glow of Christmas lights, where APOCALYPTICA would perform one of their concerts as part of the Matka Mieleen tour, showcasing their cello metal songs in the churches of Finland. The anticipation only grew as I approached the venue, greeted by a captivating sight of over 100 meters of eager fans patiently waiting in line. However, thanks to remarkably efficient ticket check-ins, the wait was brief, and I found myself stepping into the grandeur of St. John’s Church.

Having only seen the church’s magnificent exterior before, my expectations soared as I envisioned what awaited me inside. The interior did not disappoint, living up to the splendor of its outer architecture. The evening kicked off a bit behind schedule, allowing attendees to settle into their seats. While tickets were allocated based on seating arrangements, a significant number of concertgoers opted to stand, eager for a closer view of the performance. Some seating placements, unfortunately, posed challenges, with obstructed views behind the altar ornament and pillars. Personally, I chose to remain mobile, avoiding the constraints of a designated seat.

The performance commenced with a mesmerizing light show beamed onto the expansive altar ornament. Beginning with reminiscences of Earth’s closeness, continuing throughout the show with abstract visuals, it created a magical ambiance that intertwined seamlessly with the vibrant array of colorful lights. As the artists took the stage, I couldn’t help but notice the absence of drummer Mikko Sirén. However, the moment was fleeting, as he soon emerged, strolling through the middle of the stage with a small marching drum, marking the beginning of the show in a ceremonial fashion.

This night held special significance, as APOCALYPTICA celebrated their 30th anniversary. The performance, both visually and musically, left an indelible mark, earning its place as my favorite show of the year. The show emanated a breathtaking aura, with emotions, smiles, and playful energy radiating throughout the entire venue.

In essence, APOCALYPTICA‘s anniversary celebration at St. John’s Church was a night to remember, encapsulating three decades of musical prowess and leaving the audience captivated by an unforgettable blend of enchantment and artistry.

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