Anni Dohlen -Pagan Photoshoot

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anni dohlen pagan photoshoot
My first try using the new sky replacement tool in Adobe Photoshop. The sky was so clear this morning and I thought it was a bit boring, so I added some dramatic clouds and tried to match the golden hour color warmth to the clouds.
Another sky replacement test. Because Anni was going to need photos to promote her dancing studio, I thought I'd give her few options she could use.
After the golden hour was over I wanted to shoot in two other locations next to the beach where I took the first golden hour shots. Because it started getting windy and my softbox could handle it anymore I thought we should try to use this chiffon in the wind.
As the last location, I chose this really old-looking dead tree. It gave a nice contrast to the other vibrant trees around it.
Anni Dohlen
As it was still early in the morning. Sun was low and created these amazing shadows and I wanted to use them as much as I could. This is easily my favorite shot from this photoshoot and my only regret is that I only had my Sony a7SIII and the images from it are very small, but I learned from that and now I have Sony a7RIV for photoshoots and I use a7SIII only for a video where it's at its best.
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